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Supporting the Youth of Washington County Utah 
We affectionately call ourselves “The Little Club That Could.”  We are a dynamic, young, fun-loving group of people who have found a great way to give back to the local and international community.  Red Rock Rotary Club is comprised of community and business leaders who do not take themselves too seriously.  We gladly poke fun at each other during weekly “horseplay” and join together in volunteering activities to give back to the Youth of Washington County and this wonderful place we call home.
Club News

Red Rock Rotary is specifically focused on supporting groups and organizations that help the young people in our community. Our club worked with the Shivwits Band of Paiutes to restore their playground. We also support several non-profit organizations in the area such as Root for Kids whose mission is to provide services to children and families who need extra support whether it’s daycare or parenting classes. The Children’s Justice Center works to provide resources for children who suffer from abuse, and Neighborhood Connection supplies food for the weekend to children in need. Whether it’s our dictionary project, the building of Free Little Libraries, or supporting families through Sub for Santa, Red Rock Rotary is there serving the youth of our community.

Washington County Fair Fund Raising Partnership
For years every August, you found Red Rock Rotary Club members at the Washington County Fairgrounds. We organize and monitor the parking facilities for the County Fair. It’s a lot of work marking off the parking areas and collecting the fees from each vehicle, but Red Rock Rotary members don’t mind. They have fun in the hot August sun laughing with one another, supporting a wonderful event for our community, and using our proceeds to benefit a variety of youth organizations in Washington County and beyond. (click this link for a list of recipients )
That all changed in 2021 we manned the admission gates and Beer Gardens for the fair in April the MISSON HAS NOT CHANGED PROCEEDS TO BENEFIT A VARIETY OF YOUTH GROUPS
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SwitchPoint Thrift Store

Members of Red Rock Rotary like to serve. Our members support Switchpoint, our local homeless shelter and resource center in many ways. Once a month members of our club work at either the food pantry or at the Switchpoint Thrift Store. We stock shelves and fill food boxes at the pantry, or at the thrift store we organize, clean or whatever else needs to be done. Red Rock Rotary also supports Switchpoint financially, and in the future, hopes to expand our partnership as the resource center continues to grow and serve our community.
 Puerto Penasco Purification Project
Several years ago Red Rock Rotary partnered in a global grant with other clubs to support the building of a water purification plant in Puerto Penasco. Mexico. The plant was completed in the spring of 2019, and several members of our club traveled to Puerto Penasco to celebrate the grand opening. The purified water produced here is sent to every school campus in Puerto Penasco, ensuring that over 25,000 children have clean water to drink, and that they receive education concerning the importance of clean water.